Thursday, September 20, 2012

Craftin' Cuties

 I'm sure nearly every Mom on Earth would claim it if you asked her, but I genuinely feel that I have two extremely thoughtful kiddos.  They are constantly thinking of how to make someone's day better.  Mikayla especially.  I adore it every time I hear it, but most days I lose track of how many times Mikayla says "Mama, I love you."  Melt :)

That being the case, they love to make things and give them away.  As I mentioned earlier in the week, Grandpa Gary and Uncle Keith are heading in tomorrow night for a visit.  So for the past few days the kiddos have been asking to make something for both of them when they get here.  Yesterday we finally settled on a plan and today we crafted our hearts out.  The framed hand prints are for Grandpa Gary and the painting/coloring is for Uncle Keith.  We're all looking forward to the visit!

The finished works

PS - Special shout-out from Noah to Grammy Caren and Papa Tom.  He used his art kit (and generously shared with his sister!) to create his paintings.  He did a really great job with them and the paint colors were beautiful and vibrant - much better than the usual watercolors.  He was thrilled!

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  1. Great idea! I loved all the art work. Hope one of these days soon Aunt Vickie will be able to do artwork with you all! Love and kisses.