Sunday, September 23, 2012

A gaggle of Gatchel's!

 Grandpa Gary and Uncle Keith visited this weekend and we all had a blast!  They arrived Friday night to two very excited kiddos delight.  On Saturday morning everyone headed over to Home Depot for the kids build, then to the park for some play time and back to the house for some lunch.  Then Grandpa Gary, Mikayla and I headed out to do some special shopping.  Mikayla came home with new sheets, the prettiest princess blanket, a Cinderella pillow (Aunt Sarah you would be so jealous!) and a princess movie.  After we got back, Noah got his special time with Grandpa - a trip to his first Tigers game!  The boys (decked out in gear to support their teams - Grant and Noah in Tigers, Gary in Brewers and Keith in Cubs) had a great time watching the Tigers shut out the Twins 8-0.  Noah even got to ride on his first ferris wheel at the park.  They came back and we all watched my beloved Wolverines get beat by the Irish.  Let's be honest, ND didn't beat us - we beat ourselves.  6 turnovers boys, really?  Anyway...  This morning we got up and Grandpa Gary showed off his mad skills making Mickey Mouse pancakes!  Then everyone set up the tent Grandpa Gary brought us in the playroom.  I may never get Noah and Kayla out of it again.  Phew - what a weekend!  We were glad that they came for a visit and look forward to seeing them again soon :)

 Noah and Uncle Keith

 Kayla and her new princess blanket

 The bean and Cinderella who is almost as big as she is :)

 Sportin' my 'under the lights' jersey and Mikayla's Tigers hat

 All ready for the game!

 Look at all those good looking Gatchel's!

 They made it!

 View from their seats

 The boys of the ferris wheel

 Checking out some Blue Man Group videos with Uncle Keith

 Mickey Mouse pancakes!

 Mikayla eating Mickey Mouse's ears :)

 Our very cool new tent!

 The very patient Uncle Keith reading numerous books in the new tent

Everyone in their team hats :)

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