Monday, September 17, 2012

Crafty Kristi

 Anyone who knows my Mom knows that I come by my love of all things crafty honestly.  I mean, what other girl can claim that she had a fabulous handmade Rainbow Brite costume at three? (Speaking of that, Mom, do we still have it?  I bet Kayla would love it!)  Anyway, the crafting bug has bitten lately and I've been taking on some projects.  Thought that I'd share a few :)

 Candy corn wreath for my front door - love it!

This is the door in the playroom leading out to the garage.  I painted it and then split it in two - one side for each kiddo.  You can see that they've each added a current hand print to their side.  We'll do that every year on their birthday (I painted in the number though you can't see it from here)  Also, it's a height chart.  I measured and marked Noah on his first day of school already.  The plan is to measure each of them on their birthday and the first day of school every year.

This is the piece I made for over the mantle in the newly redone library.  LOVE how it came out!

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