Friday, September 28, 2012

Noah Art

The above picture was so funny to me in so many ways that I just couldn't help sharing.  Yesterday afternoon after naps Noah and Kayla decided to get out Noah's art box (thanks again Grammy Caren and Papa Tom!) and color some pictures.  After selecting a piece of paper from the many hues and determining marker to be his medium of choice, Noah told me he was going to color a picture for me.  The above is the end result.  It came with the following explanation:

Noah:  Mom, I made this picture for you
Me: Aw, thanks Noah!  What is it?
Noah:  Well that (points to blue blob like figure figure) is you.
Me:  Wow, looks exactly like me!
Noah.  Yeah.  And you're wearing lipstick.
Me: Ok....  (I think the last time I actually work lipstick might have been Shell's wedding)  And what's this? (pointing at green and yellow figure)
Noah:  Oh, that's the ghost you're scared of and running away from
Me:  Why am I scared?
Noah:  Because it's a ghost, Mom!

It took every ounce of parenting skill I had in me to keep a straight face through this entire exchange.  I love how creative he is getting to be!

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