Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Story Time and Heritage Park

On their last day here yesterday, we didn't make any big plans or places we 'had to go' so we really all got to enjoy spending some time just hanging out together. The guys took the kiddos to the park in the morning while Kristina and I went to do some shopping (I <3 Bath and Body Works with the bestie who understands my smelly hand soap obsession!) We were so glad to have them here, even if only for a few days!


Apparently this is the sledding hill at Heritage Park


Some story time

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  1. LOL--you and the soap, me and the chapstick...we understand each other! (Btw, the lemon chapstick is delightful!)

    We had a great time visiting! It was so good to see everyone (and get such tasty food)!