Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finding My Happy Place

Apparently I just needed a kick in the butt (like the thought of a second day at home with both of them needing a lot of attention and supervision) for me to find my happy place and get back into my 'groove'.  So with a still not school ready Noah at home, we've had quite the adventure around here today.  Probably a little more than I should have given my current pain and fatigue level but, meh!  It was fun!

After breakfast we got started on a couple of experiments.  I had frozen some small ice blocks overnight, which we sprinkled with salt.  I then gave them some colored water and pipettes and...

We had a blast seeing the rivulets made in the ice by the salt (check it out here for the instructions)

Then we put those "rainbow seeds" to use by creating a rainbow in a jar!  We talked about sugar, density and what happens when you add less dense items to a base

We got our skittles mixed in and the water had to cool (the temperature of the water effects the density) and took a beak for Nita

Dear Detectives,

Since its founding, 44 men have served as President of the United States.  We are hearing rumors that quite a few of them came from the state we believe Nita to currently camped out in.  In fact, we believe that is tied for first as to the total number.  Further, though “Old Dominion” is the official nickname of the state, it is sometimes called “Mother of Presidents” as well.

Nita seems to be tracking us very closely right now, so we do not want to say too much.  Instead, we are enclosing a word search with what we believe to be the names of those Presidents.  Further, there are instructions on the puzzle on how to use it to uncover a further clue.
Good luck, Detectives!

MOMG Intelligence

They're still thinking Virginia but are waiting for one more clue.

Then it was back to the skittles.  This was so neat!

And it actually worked!

Then we set out to do some art projects for Great Grandma Minna's birthday

Mikayla did these

And Noah made this dragonfly

We took a lunch break and then decided to try our hand at.... 

They both loved this.  I would definitely make this again.  It does stiffen up eventually but it's almost more like a putty than a dough.  I would also recommend lessening the amount of oil if you try it on your own...

Like I said, a good time had by all

They also took a few minutes for us to fill out their NCAA brackets.  Noah has Dayton and Kentucky in the finals (with Kentucky winning) and in true Mikayla fashion, she picked Butler only because it made her giggle hysterically to say Butler....

Later this afternoon we tried making Homemade Facepaint

Wouldn't recommend this one....  Found that the food coloring stained their faces and took quite a bit of scrubbing to get off.  Which now has Mikayla's face broken out a bit.  But, live and learn!

Just before Grant came home I gave them a bag of mini marshmallows and told them to go to town....

I did equip Grant when he got home

Shortly after this, though he'd been fine all day, Noah started complaining of an upset stomach and got sick.  He's still running over a 100 degree fever so no school yet again tomorrow.  So no school.  Again.  *sigh*  It's frustrating because he's fine otherwise, and then all of a sudden.  Same thing happened about when Grant got home yesterday.  We're waiting to decide about them going to Rockford until tomorrow night now...

We did sample Nita's creation - YUM!  Wherever those peanuts are from, they're mighty tasty.

So looks like I'm home with the big one in the morning while the little one is at school.  We'll see what we come up with...  So until then :)

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