Thursday, March 26, 2015

Come on, I wanna Lei Ya!

Sorry to have missed a post yesterday.  As seems to be the new norm around here, things did not go according to plan.  I may as well give up on plans.  They continue to blow up in my face.  This time - Mikayla started being sick at 5am Wednesday morning.  Repeatedly. Inconsolably.  *sigh*

And you may remember from Tuesday that I was *supposed* to be at the Book Fair helping out on Wednesday morning while both kiddos were off at school.  Well sick Kayla means no school.  Grant (bless him) offered to work from home for a few hours so I could still get out for a little bit.  So I did manage to go for a few hours to help out (including when NJ came through!) and was delighted.  One of the Co-VP's of the PTA, Lisa, has been behind both the Book Fair's this year and has done a phenomenal job.  It is a TON of work - I was overwhelmed just being there for three hours! It's so cool we have such dedicated parents :)

Anyway, I did get to go for awhile and then came home to one very sick Kayla.  She was still getting sick all day yesterday whenever we gave her anything and kept putting herself to bed.  As well as spiking a fever mid-afternoon.

So Noah took on a clue from Nita on his own:

Dear My Overly Caffinated Little Detectives,
Wake up and smell the coffee!  I know I have been this week.  That because it just so happens that I am in the only state that grows coffee plants commercially.  Coffee can be harvested year-round in this state, but highest production begins in late summer and extends to early spring.  There are over 800 coffee farms that take up approximately 7,800 acre in this one state alone! 
There is one very special and most favored type of coffee that comes from this state.  It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world!  And while many coffees may go by this name, only coffee grown in the District of the same name can truly be called this kind.  And what kind may that be?  Well my buzzing little sleuths, you’re going to have to work for it.  I’ve enclosed some letters – unscramble them correctly to spell the name of a coffee you can only get in the state I’m in.
In the meantime, I’m off to sip some java!  Tata Detectives!

He figured out "Kona" pretty quickly.

Yesterday evening he had a Den meeting so they were off for that while I hung with a still sick Mikayla.

This morning found me busy in the kitchen... 
Tomorrow's breakfast (if they're good I'll share the new recipe)

And tonight's dessert.  I made a bunch of other stuff too, but it didn't seem picture worthy...

When Noah got home, the kiddos noticed the flag was up: 

and found the mailbox loaded with stuff!

Surf’s Up, My Silly Little Detectives,

I’ve been hanging with the locals this week and learning all about the birthplace of modern surfing.  I’ve even tried my hand at “hanging ten.”  It’s so nice to have some downtime here since you’re both chasing your tails like usual when it comes to nabbing me!

One thing I’ve noticed is that no surfboard looks exactly like any other.  They all have their own unique color pattern and design to them.
In order to keep you distracted a little bit longer, I thought you might like to design your very own surfboard.  They may be a little too small for the two of you, but I’m thinking you have a toy or two that might like to ‘hang ten’ during your next bath.  All the materials you need are here.  Stay busy, it’ll give me more time to catch some waves.

They set off making their surfboards.  Got to say, these came out pretty cute.

And, in case inquiring minds want to know, they worked great in the tub, too.  

A few minutes later Noah came in and told me someone had forgotten to put down the flag.  I showed him the picture I had taken him earlier of him doing just that and suggested that perhaps another clue had been left and he and Kayla should check it out again.

This time they got the following:

My Silly Little Detectives,

Wish you were here!  No, not really.  That means you might catch me.  HA!  Who am I kidding, you have no idea, like usual, where I happen to hiding out this week.  Or any week for that matter.  I’ve already led you through eleven states so far and you’re no closer to catching me now than you were then.
But I’m off the subject, and honestly, messing up my relaxed attitude this week.  I was put at ease as soon as I stepped off my private jet here and was immediately given a gift!  I’ve since learned that this series of objects strung together with the intent to be worn is presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection.  

There are many customs and protocols associated with the giving, receiving, wearing, storing, and disposing of the gifts.  I’ve decided to break a few traditions though (isn’t that just like me!) and actually re-gift mine – to each of you!

Nope, not telling you what they are.  Or where they’re from.  Or anything else about them. That’s for you to figure out.  You are detectives, right?  So do your thing!

And yes, they got real shell leis straight from Hawaii!  What the "silly little detectives" don't know is that my wonderfully amazing friend, Corinne (the creator of Flat Noah and Flat Mikayla from last year's project and countless other amazing ideas!!!!) just a few weeks ago made it to her 50th state - Hawaii!  And while there she picked up a few treasures for our project.  (I told you she's amazing!)

The kids loved the leis, and as soon as they put in an official guess of Hawaii (though Noah seems to think she's in Washington...) I will clue them in that their leis are authentic.  So Corinne, consider this a thank you from me as Thing 1 and Thing 2 are busy thanking Nita.  It's so neat to have people helping us out with this!

We thought we were in the clear with the Bean, but she refused to eat much at dinner and is currently 
in a little ball crying that her tummy hurts again.  So I'm going to go out on a limb and say probably no school tomorrow, either.  Have I mentioned that I give up on making plans?  Including my children actually attending school anymore apparently.  So I can't you what's on tap for tomorrow - 'cause I can't think that far ahead :-p  This is so ridiculously out of character for me.  If all this foot think is a message from God to "slow down", I'd like Him to know that I've got the message, heard it loud and clear, and I'm good now.  I'll tone it down a bit if everything can go at least a little bit back to normal.  Maybe?  So I'll be back (maybe - no plans, remember?) tomorrow, and until then...

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