Monday, May 14, 2012

Parents Blessing

Last Thursday at Noah's School was "Parents Blessing" day. The parents were invited to arrive a half hour before the normal dismissal time, although we didn't know what was going to happen (at least I didn't). The kids stood lined up next to each other as the parents came into the classroom. After almost all the parents were there, Mrs. Porto directed the kids in showing off their skills with singing and dancing (it was really cute).

When the songs were over, it was award time: each student made awards for their parents like "Best Driver" (which was 75% of them) and "Best Singer." For us, Noah chose "Best Store Driver" for Mommy and "Best Field Trip Taker" for me.

Finally the families were given gifts that were made with the help of the students to show their appreciation for their parents that included a wonderful tri-fold book personalized just for us and some Hershey's Hugs and caramel Kisses :)

We are VERY proud of our little guy. He has grown tremendously over the last school year and we feel so blessed to have found the fantastic learning environment fostered by the Our Lady of Sorrows Early Childhood Center.

More pictures can be found in the album.

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