Monday, April 6, 2015

Opening Day and the Boardwalk

Hope that everyone had a Happy Easter!  I'm going to just say not to expect regular posts from now on.  Just check in on us, we'll be here when we can, too many other things are up and down to be for sure about anything right now.  But we're here now!  And my kiddos are on Spring Break this week.  And, it's one of my favorite days of the year to live in Michigan - Opening Day of Tigers baseball!!!!

My crew was up and at 'em early this morning, decked out in all their gear and ready to watch the game!  Honestly, it is always a great day to be "almost" from Detroit.  We love watching the opening ceremonies and the game together.

But first....  Nita paid us a visit! (Well, MOMG Intelligence did) 

Dear Detectives,
We have learned that a certain, very popular board game (at least the “classic” version – there are MANY different versions) has important ties to the state that we feel Nita is currently hiding in.  It seems the locations used in the games are actual locations in the state.  The most well-known location that appears in the game is actually a very famous tourist location for the state.  (We hear you can take a stroll there, eat a certain “salt water” candy and catch some rays along the beach.  Sounds like fun!)  We know that you enjoy games, and feel that if we give you some information you will be able to figure out exactly what game we mean.

Solve the enclosed puzzle to figure out what game it is that we mean.  Since you have some time this week, we suggest playing one of the versions you own to see if it will spark any ideas on where Nita may be.  Good luck, Detectives!
MOMG Intelligence


This is the puzzle the got.  The letters for each of the properties on a Monopoly Board (which Kayla figured out before they even started!) were scrambled and they had to sort them out.  MOMG Intelligence was smart enough to leave the first letter of each word capitalized in the scramble to make it a little easier....

It took them awhile but they did get it all figured out.

We invited the Janoch's to come over and watch the game with us, and what's baseball without hot dogs and cracker jacks? 

If you didn't catch it, it was a GREAT game!  2 HR's, 3 stolen bases, and David Price pitched all the way up to the last batter!  Tigers win 4-0!  Grant'll be home for dinner shortly and then the crew is going to the park to burn off some energy.  Looks like this may be the only decedent day for it all of Spring Break.  Then tonight Grant and I are going to watch the Wisconsin hopefully do the Big 10 proud in the NCAA Championship game tonight.  It's an awesome day to be a sports fan!  Hopefully we'll be back tomorrow, but you know me and plans lately.  So until then...

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