Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Bright Idea

 Well we made it to Day 2 of Spring Break.  Everyone is still in one piece AND I'm blogging two days in a row.  Don't get used to this I tell ya ;-)  Was bummed at the result of the basketball game last night, but oh well.  At least the Tigers won yesterday :D

The kiddos were up early (actually, the slept 'til 8:30, so I guess they weren't...) this morning and so was the flag on the mailbox!

Dear Detectives,
We have learned that a very famous man took up residence at Menlo Park, located in the state we believe Nita t currently hiding out in.  Further, it was there that this famous man came up with many inventions that changed the course of history.

We do not want to put this man’s name or his most famous invention in writing for fear that Nita’s henchmen will get their hands on it.  So we are enclosing a puzzle for you to solve with this information.  Once you complete the puzzle go to the place in your house where extras of his invention are kept and we have left some additional information for you.  Good luck, Detectives.

MOMG Intelligence

They got right to work on the puzzle where they learned....

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb!

And of course they know right where we keep them

Inside was a coloring page of a Muppet Thomas Edison (he he, Dr. Benson!) working in his Menlo Park lab

So color away they did.

We did take a lovely break out of this morning for the Aben's to come and play.  Oh how I've missed them!  It's been over a week since we've seen them so the kids had a good time playing (the nerf guns got lots of use this morning) while Colleen and I got to catch up, too.  It's kind of a dreary day around here though, so no outside.  I hear it's supposed to be like that the rest of the week, bummer.  It makes being "stuck" at home even tougher to swallow.  I admittedly have a bit of a bad attitude about it right now, so going to work on some "fun" for tomorrow.  We need a goofy day I'm thinking.  Anyway...  After the Aben's left and lunch was had, back to Edison

After, the kids remembered from yesterday's clue that a game of Monopoly was in order.  So they got out Monopoly Jr. and played together this afternoon.

While I got some baking on.  This is my new FAVORITE cinnamon roll recipe.  No yeast and they come together from start to finish in about half an hour!  Everyone who's tried them LOVES them

Later this afternoon Grant is taking the kiddos to Somerset for the free lego build tonight.  They're excited.  So a few quiet hours around here I have NO IDEA what to do with...  I like the idea of a free few hours but am feeling trapped here.  Only a few more weeks.  I hope.  Alright, off to figure out some fun for tomorrow ;-)  Until then...

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