Sunday, June 3, 2012

Havin' more random Sunday fun

So while Kristi was out helping make heroic amounts of cupcakes for the Singer-Kosakowski wedding next week, The kids and I made a day of enjoying the nice day despite the wind. Of the the day's events, we:

  • Cleaned out Daddy's dirty car
  • Went to "Art on the Grand" here in Farmington Hills and got some tasty lemonade
  • Played for a bit at Heritage Park where Noah
    • successfully swung himself on the swings by pumping his legs and
    • finally gathered the courage to let go and jump onto the fireman pole and slide down on his own
  • Sandbox fun after dinner and 
  • Played with the foam football out in the back yard (the kids were thoroughly entertained throwing it to each other)
A good day :)

Always wear your seat belt

"It's a MEAN dragon!"

"It nice dragon"
(Another thanks to the nice lady who held up Mikayla to take this pic)

Swinging using his own locomotion (not the train, look it up)

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