Thursday, April 5, 2012

29 and Feelin' Fine!

Today just happens to be my birthday and while it won't be official for a few more hours yet I'm turning the big 2-9 today. Just had to share a couple of things that have totally made my day wonderful.

(Mom, you'll appreciate this one)

This morning I IM'd Grant to tell him that I had opened my gifts when the kiddos had gotten up and how much I really enjoyed my presents. While we're chatting he says "Oh, by the way, there was a cardinal just sitting there on the bird feeder this morning so I took a picture. It was like someone was waiting to tell you Happy Birthday." Spooky chill because Grant wouldn't have realized exactly what he was saying, but I knew automatically that Aunt Gladys had remembered what today was and was sending her well wishes, too :)

Secondly, someday, when she's being a real pain in the butt, remind me how sweet Mikayla can be. This morning, she insisted that I put on the dress that she got me. (Super cute, it's a sporty little number in Michigan blue with the Block M and Wolverines, etc on the bottom right of the skirt) I told her I would after we got back from our walk. So cut to awhile later when we'd gotten back and I went to show her I put it on. Her eyes got really big, she looked up at me and said "Oh Mama, ew is boo-ful!" Bless her sweet little heart, it melted me into a giant 29 year old puddle and has made me smile each time I've thought of it since. So while I didn't get what I most asked for (24 hrs where no one bangs on the bathroom door while I'm in there or shouts Mom at me until I answer) I'll just be thankful for the two best presents I've ever gotten :)

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