Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RIP Davy Jones

As I'm sure anyone who actually reads our blog on a regular basis ('cause you actually know me ;-)) will recall that I am a huge Monkees fan. Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I'm not really part of the generation you would consider to be part of the Monkeemania craze, but that has never really stopped me. From the first time I remember anyone asking me, my favorite song has been "Daydream Believer" (well, there was quite a stint with "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys, too, but that is beside the point) At last count I had well over 30 Monkees CD's and my collection ranges from all the episodes on DVD (and some on VHS as well!) to puzzles, a lunch box, concert shirts, pajamas and on and on and on... While other girls had pictures of 'N Sync in their lockers, mine was plastered with the Monkees. I'm a freak, I know it and will proudly fly my freak flag high :)

All that being said, I was so bummed out earlier to get a text from Shell saying "your dream beau died" then to tell me at the age of 66 Davy Jones passed away from an apparent heart attack earlier today. While Shell's always been a Peter fan and Sarah's a Micky girl (sorry sisters, outing your Monkee freakdom a bit, too ;-) Though let's be honest, I left you no choice!) I have always been devoted to Davy. So I'm sure that you can imagine my sadness that not only is my favorite no longer around but my 'fab 4' is now only a trio. (Well, they would be if Mike ever bothered getting his act in gear...) What a bummer to think that the four of them will never get the chance to be on stage together again.

It did make me extremely thankful for the opportunity for my mom and I to go see them (for a second time!) this past June here in Detroit. The year I graduated high school we went and saw them together and both of us agreed we thought they were loads better 10 years later. So in case I didn't say it enough at the time - Thanks for my 5 year anniversary gift, Grant :)

I'm instituting a 48 hour period of mourning here at the Gatchel household during which only Monkees music is to be played. Shouldn't have to worry about running out of music anytime soon given my collection ;-) Thoughts and prayers go out to each of 'the guys', Davy's family and all my fellow Monkee fans out there. Thanks for the memories, Rest in Peace, Davy!


  1. I was thinking of you today. I'll miss him, too. I'm a "Believer" in "Pleasant Valley Sunday." Enjoy your music for the next 48.