Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Gatchel Olympics: Frog Fishin'

The rules of the event were as follows:

  1. Catch one frog at a time from the pool in the net
  2. Carry the frog using both hands to the basket
  3. Empty the frog out of the net without touching it
  4. Repeat until all frogs are in the basket
  5. Fastest time wins!

Noah went first and struggled a bit to get the frogs out of the net at the end. He struggled quite a bit, but eventually finished. We let Mikayla use her hands to get the frogs out of the net "to be fair" since she was younger. Kristi and I followed, showing our clever skills to entertain and stall while still having fun competing.

The final times were (slightly fudged):
Noah: 2:21
Mikayla: 1:40 (Gold)
Daddy: 1:42 (Silver)
Mommy: 2:04 (Bronze)

OK, so the event was a bit rigged from the start. Noah's been a little cocky lately about how he always wins and how Mikayla always loses. He needed to get knocked down a peg :-)

More pictures in the album.

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