Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Parades

This last weekend while Kristi was painting the kitchen and bathroom (both which she did a very fine job, indeed) the kids and I decided to take advantage of a few St. Patrick's Day parades nearby in Royal Oak and Detroit on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

The first one was notably windy and cold, but the kids made the best of it and bundled up to stay warm. It was a short parade, but there was some good ol' Irish music (Finnegan's Wake was classic as always) and the kids got gobs of candy and collected a dozen new treasures: Green beaded necklaces. Fortunately the parade was short enough that we didn't freeze any limbs off and then it was off to warm up and head to a Mc Donald's for lunch.

The next day was absolutely beautiful and warm (65 at least) so we ventured out to the park on Shiawassee by the church and Noah's preschool for a picnic lunch, a bit of climbing and sliding antics, and then off to Corktown for some more Irish shenanigans. There we managed to eek out few feet of street-side space with "Charlie" the wagon as quickly as possible and met Tracy and her son Brannigan who was Noah's age. They were both very nice and friendly and having someone to play with definitely helped entertain the kids during the long and slow parade. Although they only walked away with one piece of candy each (which they both ate on the way back to the car), we said good bye and left after about an hour and a half into the parade. They both behaved exceptionally well and we all had a really good time.

Alas, I'd forgotten the camera at home for Saturday's parade, so the first picture was captured on my phone.   The rest are from Sunday's picnic and downtown. Enjoy :)

Ready to go!

Just found our spot...

where's the parade...?

Meeting Tracy and Brannigan

Yay!!! It's starting!!!

Noah taught Brannigan the "sleeping" game

I didn't think Capt. Jack Sparrow was Irish...

Goodbye parade! See you next year

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