Tuesday, October 21, 2014

All Jacked Up!

I'm not sure if things could get much more exciting after our awesome mail call this morning (check out my previous post) but we did manage to get in some more fun here today!  I know this blog is going up a little early, but it's me that's heading out all evening (Parent/Teacher conferences and then Painting with a Twist tonight!) for once and I wanted to make sure I got it up before I left.

We did have a bit more time before Noah had to get on the bus this morning after our mail all to start on this week's art project - making banjos!  Music of all kinds is important in Tennessee, but especially country and bluegrass.  So we had fun making our own paper ones today.  The kiddos painted the bodies (Noah's complete with flames), then we added the other pieces through out the day.  I've gotta say, they turned out pretty cute!

I had to find a dinner tonight that I could make up ahead, and I had originally decided to pay tribute to Jack Daniels (Tennessee made!) tonight with this recipe.  Then at the store yesterday I saw the pre-made Jack Daniels meals and decided that'd be WAY easier.  So I made up some chicken wraps of my own using Jack Daniels shredded chicken and the gang will feast on them and Memphis Mustard Slaw tonight.  Also, though they're not kid friendly, I did make these snockerdoodles yesterday for Grant to share at work.  Couple of notes on these, though.  1) there was no way this was rollable.  I ended up breaking out my mini muffin tin and turning them into brownies. 2) they are POTENT.  I could smell them from across the kitchen!  So baker beware!

Alright, gotta head out the door so am going to wrap this up for today.  Making moon pies tomorrow!  And another night of us being all over as there is a Scouting Pack meeting.  (Maybe Thursday we can all be together again - *sigh*)  We're going to try to do the "We've Been There State" and Kayla and I are still working on wrapping up a project from Princesses on Ice if we can get to it tomorrow. So until then...

Tennessee Fun Fact of the Day:  The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the United States. The park was named for the smoke-like bluish haze that often envelops these fabled mountains.
Brownies drownin' in Jack!

This made Grant smile when he came home yesterday...

Working on their banjos

Noah's flames

We successfully (finally) tracked down new coats for each of them (it resulted in 3 different Target trips for Noah to find the right color...) and they were definitely necessary this morning

The Princess back to working on her banjo

She then had to take a tea party break

I'm cheating tonight, but it's still all about Jack!

Memphis Mustard Slaw

Kayla's finished banjo

Which she rocked out with

His rockin' out face

They were having a banjo party!

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